What kinds of things will Feed a Family Teachers be trained to do?

How to expand your teaching opportunities by knowing where to find places to teach
How and where to find students
How to promote and advertise for upcoming classes/workshops
Curriculum for teaching a one-time workshop (1 to 3 hours long)
How much to charge for a one-time 3 hour workshop
Curriculum for teaching a 1-hour class for 4 weeks
 Healthy Breakfasts for under a Buck
 Sweet Treats
 Entertaining on a Shoestring Budget
 Popular Appetizers for under $5
 Guilt Free Snacks
 Lunches on the Go
Benefits for teaching a 1-hour course for 4 weeks
Benefits for teaching a one-time 3 hour workshop
How much to charge for a 4 week course – 1 hour/week
Benefits for teaching a 1-hour class for 8 weeks
How much to charge for an 8 week course
Power Point Presentation – Helping students understand the Basic Principles of the course
Interaction with the audience – how to get your students involved
When to offer classes for the most success – best time of the day, best day of the week
How much space you need for a class or workshop
How to offer a class/workshop to private groups i.e. business, church, civic, etc.
How to keep track of current and past students
How to keep track of the money you earn
How to advertise in the newspaper for free
How to advertise in your community for free
Descriptions to use when promoting your classes/workshops
How to get free publicity
How to demonstrate a recipe
Learn how to get product discounts from your local kitchen retail stores
How to use visual aids effectively
How to have effective eye contact w/ students
How to generate extra income by offering “Kids in the Kitchen” Cooking Classes (Optional) – Extra income.
How to go on “paid vacations”. Teaching classes in other states, counties or communities
How to get references and recommendation letters from important people
How to receive Free Food on a regular basis