What are the benefits of teaching the "Feed a Family" Classes

Earn $10 - $200/hour Teaching FAF Classes/Workshops
Part time, Flexible schedule
YOU decide when you want to teach AND
How much you want to teach
Independent Teacher – Not employed by me
Tuition and Training: $300
($10/month if necessary)

Receive compensation in a variety of ways!

Income from teaching a 1-hour class in 4 weeks. When I teach classes, I only teach on a commission basis and I would help you get set up the same way. So if you have 10 students in a class and you get 60% of the revenue and the class costs $35. Total revenue: $350. Your compensation would be: $210 OR
for a 4 hours of teaching. I’ve had a lot more students in a class but I want to be more conservative right now.

Income from teaching a 1-hour class in 8 weeks. I am finding that it is better to offer an 8-week course with 1 hour/week than a four-week, 1 hour/week course. More people generally sign up for the longer course and you end up making stronger friendships that last longer, which will help you in the long run. For example, I had more students join my Garden Group last summer because of a longer course I taught. With 20 students paying $40 for the course, total income: $800. Your compensation is $480 or

Income from teaching a one-time 3-hour workshop – $45/person. Even with only 4 people attending (total income: $180), you earn $108 for 3 hours, or

Income from teaching a one-time 90-minute workshop – Some workshops we charge $5/person for a 90-minute workshop. The store manager will give me the total money in return for me promoting at least 10 products in his store. We have 12 people attend. Total income for me $60 for the workshop or

Income from “Grocery Shopping Mentoring” Program. Take students shopping for 90 minutes. Charge $10/person for taking students shopping. Children are not invited to these events.

Extra income from selling class materials – You will receive class materials (books, DVD’s, etc.) for a discounted rate to sell to your students for a profit.

Income from recruiting other Feed a Family teachers – In every class you teach, let you students know that I am looking for additional teachers. When someone joins our team of teachers, you’ll receive a $50 bonus.

Income from teaching Kids in the Kitchen Cooking Classes (optional) – Same basic income as stated above. The Kids Cooking Classes are VERY popular. There aren’t very many Kids Healthy Cooking Classes offered!