I'm setting this teaching program up this way so you make more money AND you don't become an employee of mine. It's too complicated working and teaching with the schools to be employed by me. When you teach for the school thru community ed, you would be an employee of the school district.

So with that said, this is what I'm looking for when it comes to the teachers that I will train.

You would teach my signature class, Feed a Family of Four on $160/month. There is a confidenciality agreement that is required. This keeps teachers from going out and stealing my materials and my program.

Your work schedule is completely flexible. Teach only a few hours a week if you like or more if you want and teach when you want to teach. There are, of course, certain times that will draw in more students than other times.

The income I've been earning (and the way I would make sure you get set up to teach) is generally ranging between $36 - $60 per hour on average. Sometimes I get paid a lot more than that and now and then I get paid less. There are certain things that most people don't know in order to get paid that kind of money and that is part of the training I would give you.

The 2 things I want most from my teachers that I train will be:

1) Promote my Feed a Family Tips Group ($10/month subscription)

2) Look for additional teachers to teach my program in their own communities.

I am looking for teachers who have a passion for wanting to save money and eat healthier and want to teach and be part of our leadership group.

Detailed training will be given to each teacher and getting them set up the right way to help them make the most money. It will include everything they need to teach a class/workshop including curriculum and teaching materials, etc. It doesn't include food supplies or appliances but that doesn't have to be part of every class.

There is still a cost of $75 (which doesn't need to be paid immediately but within the next 30 days) by the potential teacher and then you would EARN the remaining $225 balance by:

From the classes/workshops you teach,

1) Find students who would like to become a teacher for my program (you receive a $35 credit per each new teacher you find)

2) Find students who are interested in signing up for the Feed a Family Tips Group. ($5 credit per new subscriber)

You would earn those credits when students sign up. Once the $225 is paid in full, you would continue to get paid those same commissions for finding additional people for me. Besides the income you get from teaching, you would earn this additional income.

Teachers will trained for the 4 AND 8 week Feed a Family classes (1 hour/week) and also a 3-hour workshop (like Gygi's) and also a 90 minute one-time workshop.

I know you will also SAVE more money since you will internalize the things you teach others, benefiting you and your little family even more. That's what has happened to me over the past 7 years!

Each one of these classes or workshops has income benefits and will draw certain types of students.

That's the plan in a nut shell. Let me know if you are interested. If you aren't, I completely understand.